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Keep Your Rhythm - Hoshikuzu no Eiyuu Monogatari
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KEEP YOUR RHYTHM - Hoshikuzu no Eiyuu Monogatari [星屑の英雄物語]
(from V/A - “From Electric Lady Land ‘83” 2xLP, 1983, ELL-009)

Yet another fine track from the wonderful "From Electric Lady Land ‘83" anthology, this time by the totally obscure and beautifully blandly named group KEEP YOUR RHYTHM.

Starting off in the same sort of unremarkable mold as their band name, “Hoshikuzu no Eiyuu Monogatari” shortly reveals itself to be a subtle but totally bizarre track with the incredibly emotional vocals channeling and comprising delusions of grandeur into a delightfully epic and easily digested format.

Splendidly enough the title of this track translates into something like "The heroic legend of stardust", and I find myself hard pressed to think of a more fitting soundtrack to the beautiful madness of Fletcher Hanks works.

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Hiko's - Vibration
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HIKO’S - Vibration [ヴァイヴレイション]
(from V/A - “From Electric Lady Land ‘83”, 1983, ELL Records)

HIKO’S was a project formed by ex-ピヴィレヌ bassist and vocalist Hiko. From what I’ve understood Hiko himself was quite an important figure in the underground/alternative music scene of 80:s Nagoya, not in the least for running his own studio and recording a ton of bands. Guy was also involved with the (in)famous GENBAKU ONANIES and seems to have had a tight connection to the cult livehouse/record label Electric Lady Land.

This track is taken from the coveted “From Electric Lady Land ‘83” compilation (where the OXYDOLL track posted earlier also comes from), and to my ears showcases Hiko’s post-ピヴィレヌ work at it’s zenith. The brilliant songwriting skills featured on "One" is also present here, with the simple but utterly awesome interplay between bass and drums in the bridge being the highlight for me (well, alongside the shimmering main riff also). Just a well written, well played and sincerely sweet song.

HIKO’S also put out an EP (“3 Hits!”) previous to being featured on this anthology, but AFAIK those two instances constitute their whole recorded output. As for Hiko himself, he’s still around doing his thing.

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Oxydoll - Communication
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OXYDOLL - Communication [コミュニケイション]
(From V/A - “From Electric Lady Land ‘83” LP, 1983, Electric Lady Land, ELL-009)

The promised cool post! At least I think it’s cool!

OXYDOLL were a bunch of then 18 year old punx wreaking havoc at various Japanese livehouses back in the day - one of them being Electric Lady Land in Nagoya who put out this legendary compilation LP which up until recently (a retrospective CD was just released on Golden Years/Club Rock ‘n’ Roll) constituted the only document of OXYDOLL’s efforts.

And what energetic efforts they are! I was struggling over which of their killer tracks to post …the final choice being between "Communication" and "Speed". Since "Speed" had already been posted at YouTube, I went with the former. Totally raging punk, but at the same time quite skillfully performed - especially in the rhythm department.

Vocalist NON later played with GOD (a.k.a. GOD-OUT) and some of the other members of OXYDOLL later went on to form a band called VID-SEX, which put out a pretty neat EP before fading into obscurity. As for the rest of this compilation, it’s a bit uneven but mostly great. In particular I think the tracks by TRiPS and KEEP YOUR RHYTHM are just divine and would love to torment you all with them …but seeing as we’ve had a lot of cheesy stuff posted already, I think this harsh palate cleanser is more appropriate.

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PVLN - Computer Uranai
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PVLN [ピヴィレヌ] - Computer Uranai [コンピューター占い]
(from “One” LP, 1980, Electric Lady Land, ELL-001)

Oh, nothing special …merely the sickest new wave track to ever emanate from the land of the rising sun. Totally amazing bass and keyboards …after 01:00 everything just goes insane!

Taken from the one and only release by mystery group ピヴィレヌ (maybe supposed to be read as Piviren or PVLN …who knows? it seems like it’s supposed to be PVLN after all) which also happens to be the very first release on über cult-label ELL. The rest of the LP is solid but this is definitely the standout track.

I guess the sound is kind of like an early XTC tinged with an extra touch of juvenile delinquency. This LP is unfortunately not only certainly as rare as a (sleeveless) original copy of the "Science Friction" single but also comes with a price tag to match.

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