Travis - Fuchin Kubo
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TRAVIS - Fuchin Kubo (不沈空母)
(from their self-titled 7” flexi, 1986, IInd Face)

Jävla måndag!

Just felt like sharing some random stuff from the crates as a dreary Monday slowly bleeds into Tuesday.

Not to be confused with the absolutely unbearable UK soft-rock band of the same name, the Japanese TRAVIS were (at least on this flexi) all about some sort of weird lo-fi, jangly typ of new wave with a few splashes of almost electroacoustic noises thrown in for good measure.

Pretty weird stuff anyhow - this kinda sounds like a demotape that Nagomu rejected or something. It seems that TRAVIS also released a proper 7” vinyl single in addition to this flexi - I wonder if they continued on exploring the freakish path laid out on this track, or if they moved towards a more sombre and sober sound (as is hinted at on the B-side to this flexi, which btw is far less memorable than this shambling freakout).

Ah well, in summary, let’s just say Wha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

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