Yuukyou no Tou - Hoshikuzu no Uta
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YUUKYOU NO TOU [幽境の塔] - Hoshikuzu no Uta [星くずの唄]
(from their s/t 7” flexi EP, 1985, Yuukyou Records)

Excellent homebrewed minimal synth by messrs Kengo Uhino and Naohisa Kitamura, taken from the one and only release by YUUKYOU NO TOU (= "Tower of Solitude", at least according to Google).

Released on their own “幽境 Records” imprint, I get the feeling that this flexi most probably got very little attention and/or distribution back in the days. A shame, since it’s a great little release. Just have a listen for yourselves.

Download MP3.

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